About me and my project

Welcome to my blog! My name is Delia Huegel and I live in Arad, Romania.

I was not particularly interested neither in ciphers nor in religious books, not before the Codex from Rohonc got me into its grip.

I stumbled upon this lesser known mystery by chance and it took over my life for a while, a very happy while, I must say.

As I got deeper into the project I grew fond of the ugly little book. I feel sorry for it was not treated in fairness and it did not get the attention it deserves. I mean the right kind of attention.

And my attention was only the next best thing. I knew all the time that I am not qualified to solve the cypher and the mystery around the Codex. I tried to be thorough and reasonable and honest in my research, and I made some good progress. But there is so much room left for somebody qualified in this kind of stuff. I hesitate to name the field: codicology, history of religions, anthropology, esoteric studies, cryptology, psychiatry, maybe all of these.

I decided to publish my findings in the form of a blog, hoping that somebody, anybody will take it on from here.  For the moment, I reached my limits, and the mystery is still not completely solved. Maybe in the future I will have some new ideas, maybe you will contribute, and the project will be taken a step further.

I am grateful you stopped by, and I hope you will find things of interest in my posts. Please let me know your thoughts.

Take a tour and have fun!

You can write me on Facebook, I am the only one with these coordinates and I am kind of a FB addict.


4 Responses to About me and my project

  1. Greg Bird says:

    There is at least one instance in Western European iconology of a Christ with wings. Saint Francis of Assisi, when he received the stigmata, experienced the vision of Christ as a crucified seraph. (Please note that I am not on Facebook.) All the best, GREG

    • deliahugel says:

      Thanks Greg, you are perfectly right.
      It took me some time to ponder on this, again, before I answered you. Here is a post on this matter which (rather suggests than) says better whatever I could say. http://gypsyscholarship.blogspot.ro/2008/01/saint-francis-receiving-stigmata-from_03.html
      It seems to me that (in Western iconology) the winged Christ is strictly related to Saint Francis from Assisi and it also seems to me that it rises some uneasiness in Western theologians. But so would the Rohonc Codex drawings.
      I tried to explain the drawings as based mainly on North-Western tradition with some Eastern influences for a number of reasons. First and foremost, because I thought I identified Eastern influences in a few places, where the drawings seem to be unusual or uncommon. A second reason is the script. The signs, looking so much as Cyrillic script in conjunction with the inscription which one would expect to be ”INRI” – on page 26 – but is not, the first and last signs being different, also seem to point to some Eastern influence. And third, me. I live in a place where there were so many major religious shifts through the centuries, and, traditionally, Western and Eastern Christianity coexist, that some mixing of symbols and of faiths seem very plausible. I can very well imagine the scenario that would lead to such a mix up, since I live in it.

  2. mushisan says:

    Hello, maybe this link interest you http://real-ms.mtak.hu/80/ (a 81mb scan of the codez) (probably you know that :P). I’m curious now in see the color version, but is restricted ;;

    • DeliaH says:

      Thank you, it is good, mainly because it is the entire codex. The site where I found it misses several pages. You can also take a glimpse at the watermark in the paper. Interestingly, the book itself seems to have degraded since they made the microfilm. The pages from the beginning are in much worse shape. I think it is still not taken very seriously, and it is a pitty.

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