Harrowing the WWW – useful links

The mother-ship:  Codex Rohonczi – the (almost) entire Codex from Rohonc on-line

Best source ever:   Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Map

And here is my personal selection:
Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts – 10.000 images browsable by subject
Pitts Theology Library – printed books
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Libary – Home of the Voynich Manuscript and many more
The Digital Walters 
Bayerische Staats Bibliothek
German illuminated manuscripts – Book Illumination from 780 through 1180
Munich Digitization Zentrum
The Morgan Library Museum
UCLA Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
UCLA Highlights of Digital Scriptorium
UCLA Digital Collections – I looked up the Armenian and Ethiopic manuscripts, the Index of Medieval Medical Images, Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts
British Library
World Digital Library
Bibliotheque Municipale de Lyon
Det Kongelige Bibliotek
New York Public Library
The National Library of Israel
Braginsky Collection
University of Cambridge, Medieval Imaginations
University of Glasgow – Book of the Month Archive, Digitized medieval manuscripts
Index of Armenian Art
Rylands Collection
Melikian Collection 
The Gordon Collection from University of Virginia Library
Biblioteca Nationala a Romaniei – Das Lorcher Evangeliar
Biblioteca Transsylvanica
Dacoromanica – Digital library of the Romanian Academy
Morse Library, Beloit Collection – the Nuremberg Chronicle
The St. Albans Psalter Project
Codex Sinaiticus Project
The Macclesfield Psalter
The Lindisfarne Gospels
The Freising Manuscripts
The Elbasan Manuscript
The Reims Gospel
The Mills-Kronborg Collection of Danish Church Wall Paintings
A Medieval Mirror – on line book about Speculum Humanae Salvationis by Adrian Wilson and Joyce L. Wilson
Die Miniaturen des Serbischen Psalters
The National Croatian Library
The National Library of Serbia
Old Slavonic Manuscripts
Croatia, Historical and Cultural Overview
Georgetown University – a good collection of links

Art Galleries
Web Gallery of Art
Olga’s Gallery
Pictures of the Bible
Albrecht Durer Gallery


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